HiveMind Community Apiary

A community enterprise focused on connecting people at risk of or living with a mental health condition like depression, anxiety and/or social isolation through the use of beekeeping as a therapeutic intervention


We are currently waiting to hear the outcome of Seed Funding from the City of Ballarat Community Impact Grant Program to fund 3 Flow Hives and equipment to establish the Apiary. Fingers crossed.

What we do

HiveMind Community Apiary is an innovative social enterprise start up aimed at connecting people at risk of, living with or recovering from a mental health condition using apiary (beekeeping) practice as a supportive therapeutic intervention. The intervention is primarily focused on individuals with depression, anxiety and conditions relating to social isolation and loneliness and has been shaped by the success of a Vancouver based program, Hives for Humanity.


‘HiveMind’ will operate as a social enterprise and will mentor participants through a season of beekeeping practice between Spring and Autumn. Theoretical and practical aspects of beekeeping will be covered during the program with an emphasis on working a hive in a mindful, respectful way and experiencing the bees vibrations, smell and observing the colony’s behaviour.


The seasonal program will equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to begin their journey to becoming and independent beekeeper. Mentoring will is available at the conclusion of the program.


HiveMind Community Apiary is co-located with local independent garden centre Spot on Pots and Nursery at 13 Elizabeth Street, Delacombe.  The Apiary is situated on approximately 1000 square meters of the two acre site, a former WW2 ammunitions factory. The site meets all relevant regulations and codes of practice relating to the keeping of honeybees at this location.


It is planned that the Apiary will consist of 10 of the Australian invented Flow Hives as a nod to Australian ingenuity and ease of on-site honey harvesting or extracting.



The enterprise has attracted support and collaboration from a range of stakeholders including

Ballarat and District Suicide Prevention Network

Compassionate Ballarat

Spot on Pots and Nursery

Garden Releaf Australia

Backyard Beekeeping Ballarat

#30greenminutes (Beyond Blue)

Pot of Courage

Plant Growers Australia

Buninyong RSL


Amanda Collins, Founder and Beekeeper, HiveMind Community Apiary